Residency Issues for non-US citizens

To attend an artist residency or fellowship in the United States, a proper visa is required. This can be a nonimmigrant or immigrant visa, but a visa is necessary unless the individual has Permanent legal resident status or is a US citizen. Contrary to popular belief, attending on a visitor visa is possible, although the artist’s rights are limited. While they can create work, it cannot be sold in the US.

  • A proper visa is required to attend an artist residency or fellowship in the United States.
  • Art residencies provide a designated location to live and work without typical distractions.
  • Money can be a complicating factor, since at this time in the infancy of our residency, we charge the artist for the program.
  • An artist can attend on a visitor visa, but their rights are limited.
  • The O-1 visa is for artists with exceptional ability and requires a petition and supporting documentation.
  • The P-3 visa is for artists temporarily performing, teaching, or coaching under a culturally different program.
  • The B-1 tourist visa may be acceptable for artists visiting the US as tourists, but paid works are not allowed in this category.
  • Seek advice from an immigration attorney to determine the best course of action for your case.
  • There are limited visa alternatives, so it’s important to select the one that best suits your abilities, circumstances, and trip goals.