What about money?

The Whirlybird Artist Residency Program aims to provide affordable art retreats for artists. Artists rent their own housing and food, with cost-friendly fees. The founders, Christy and Jim, even offer grocery store trips for those without transportation. The program’s ultimate goal is to establish a scholarship fund to further support artists.

Currently, the team is working on a fair rental pricing system for the various accommodations.

Jim, the co-founder and Purveyor-of-Fun of the Whirlybird honky tonk, emphasizes that the Artist Residency Program is open to artists of all financial backgrounds. The honky tonk’s motto, “If you’re broke, talk to Jim. If you’re flush, cut it loose,” reflects this inclusive approach. While the program welcomes artists regardless of financial situation, those who are able to support the program are encouraged to do so generously, helping to make the program more accessible to all artists.