Accommodations and Costs

Welcome to The Whirlybird Compound Artist Residency Program – a place where artists can create and flourish in a supportive, uplifting and culturally submersive environment. Founded by Christy and Jim, who are artists themselves, the Folk Art-inspired compound features three spacious repurposed buildings and an outdoor bandstand, all designed to provide artists with everything they need to succeed.

Located in the rural St. Landry Parish of South Louisiana, the residency program has been hosting cultural and artistic events since 2000 and even offers grocery store trips for residents without transportation. The founders are also dedicated to setting up a scholarship fund to support even more artists in the future.

Gerry Devillier, Michael Doucet & Cameron Fontenot on Whirlybird stage

Accommodations at The Whirlybird Compound include:

Whirlybird Honky Tonk

  • Two private bedrooms (Kingdom of Zydeco and Esquire Ballroom) each with a full private bathroom
  • A 20 ft. folk art museum bar
  • A shared kitchen (The Whirlybird)
  • A complete dance hall and stage
  • A large shared screened-in porch
  • Mig’s Bandstand to be shared
  • Ramp access

Kingdom of Zydeco (larger room with Western-oriented windows looking into pecan grove) rents for $350/week, $500/2 weeks, $650/3 weeks, and $850/month. Esquire Ballroom rents for $250/week, $400/2 weeks, $550/3 weeks, and $700/month.

Folk Art Tower

  • Two private bedrooms (Renella Rose and Fiddlers Green)
  • Two private toilets with enclosures and four showers in two separate shower rooms
  • Three sinks in the bath house
  • A shared kitchen (in the Whirlybird Honky Tonk) for cooking
  • A large lounge with a kitchenette for snacks and drinks
  • A gallery and studio space
  • A very large porch
  • Mig’s Bandstand
  • Ramp access
  • Five new mini-splits for AC/heat

Both bedrooms in The Tower (Renella Rose and Fiddlers Green) rent for the same price: $150/week, $250/2 weeks, $350/3 weeks, $500/month.

Vintage Campers

  • Two vintage campers (1966 Fireball and 80’s Shasta Camper) available for adventurous artists
  • Each camper features a double bed, table, electric AC/heat, and necessary bedding and amenities
  • Artists in the vintage campers share the Whirlybird kitchen and The Tower bath house

Both vintage campers (1966 Fireball and 80’s Shasta Camper) rent for the same price: $100/week, $200/2 weeks, $300/3 weeks, and $400/month.

Recent show in Tower Gallery